Bellarri "Gigi" 18K Pink Gold, Natural Smoky Quartz & White Diamond Chandelier Drop Enhancer Pendant

From Bellarri's "Gigi" Collection, this G1185 style is the smaller version of the G1189 style, which we also have on offer. The two versions, G1185 and G1189, are very similar but the G1189 features more gold overlay and a higher diamond count, along with quite a higher cost.

Even as the smaller of the two styles, it's still quite large. It measures almost 1.9" tall and the big smoky quartz drop alone measures 1.35" long by itself.

It features solid 18K pink gold and 28.95 carats of all-natural, untreated, unheated smoky quartz split between the large faceted drop and the faceted baguettes decorating the bail. A full 24 points - almost a quarter carat - of genuine F/G VS/SI white diamonds decorates the bail and the gold overlay flowing over the drop.

The bail does open for easy placement on cords and chains. Retail was almost $4500 - before sales tax - but we have it for only $1495, brand new and retail fresh. And if you live anywhere but Arizona, you pay no sales tax.