Bellarri 18K Pink Gold "Tuscany"

This gorgeous work of gemstone art comes to us from Bellarri's "Tuscany" Collection, which we've only just started to be able to get from our dealer partners - "Tuscany" is a fairly recent Bellarri collection, and this design was only just retired. Not only is it from the "Tuscany" Collection, but it's also made with solid 18K pink gold - and nobody does pink gold like Bellarri, with a very soft almost pastel-copper hue, much more gentle and pretty than run-of-the-mill copper-colored rose gold.

It's also large - 2.5" tall to be precise. This is the kind of piece that drapes down from your chain, and can be very sexy if you catch our drift.

It starts at the top with a cluster of Mystique-cut "exploding center" smoky quartz, two different rhodolite garnets, and a gorgeous round marble-cabochon of rose quartz, plus a single pastel-green peridot, plus multiple diamonds settings all in pink gold including a Bellarri "B" filled with diamonds at the top of the square smoky quartz. And notice the large 18K pink gold polygon covered in diamonds.

Below the rose quartz, and decorating the links between the top cluster and the bottom stone, are a round rhodolite garnet, a square peridot, and more diamond settings.

All of this leads to a gorgeous and large diamond-shaped, Mystique-cut, scalloped-table chocolate mocha smoky quartz that looks about 6 feet deep thanks to the Mystique-cut.

All together, you've got 18.40 carats of smoky quartz, 13.15 carats of peridot, rhodolite and rose quartz, and 13 points of diamonds. All on a pendant that weighs 14.2 grams, almost half an ounce, so when it's in your hands you know you've got something special and substantial.

Enjoy the photos, but they don't do this piece justice.

UPDATE 1/21/15: Brand new natural-light photos just added. We wanted to show off just how crystal-clear the smoky quartz is - you can see right through it to the gold undergallery, and even easily see the photo display piece we used for the pictures. It's that clean and clear, which is amazing for a stone that has not been heat-altered or treated. It's a really pretty combination of the chocolate smoky quartz plus pink rose quartz with red garnet and green peridot on pink gold. So much color, so many intricate details.