Bellarri "Circle of Love" 18K Multi-Gemstone & Diamond Pendant

This is our first-ever piece from the "Circle of Love" Collection, and it features solid 18K white gold and a wonderful array of all-natural, earth-mined gemstones.

At the center is a 2x2 grid of deep-hued all-natural green tourmaline, surrounded by genuine white diamonds. Around the outside of the pendant are all-natural citrine, red garnet, blue topaz, amethyst, peridot, rhodolite garnet and peridot, with more white diamonds decorating the edge of the pendant and the face of the bail.

Total carat weights are 1.65 for the tourmalines, 4.85 for the gemstones around the outside of the pendant, and .34ct for the white diamonds.

The rear of the piece is fully finished, with 18K white gold filigree decorated with four Bellarri "B"s.

It measures 1.35" tall including the large bail (which can fit cords and chains up to a full 4mm thick) x .8" wide. It weighs 6.8 grams.

Owing to the increased rarity of green tourmaline over the last year, and the high diamond count, the retail on this was almost $5K.