Bellarri "La Bouquet" 18K White Gold, Green Tourmaline & White Diamond Enhancer

One mistake new visitors make is viewing each item on the site as relative to the others. If one pendant, like those in the "Gigi" Collection, costs $1895 and this "La Bouquet" enhancer you're viewing now costs only $1295, one must be dramatically nicer than the other, or dramatically better or bigger, or so it is thought. But this thinking is flawed because of how our business works.

Because we are selling only "retired" Bellarri, our inventory literally spans almost a 2-decade period. We may have pieces on this site created in 2005, when gold was selling for $500 per ounce, right next to pieces created in 2013 when gold was $1200 per ounce. The piece made in 2005 may be dramatically less expensive while also being more elaborate and/or larger than the piece made in 2013. Relative to each other, the axiom that "you get what you pay for" will not be accurate for those two pieces.

While this enhancer wasn't made in 2005, it was produced before the price of green tourmaline skyrocketed and more than tripled. If it were made today, it would cost $5000 at retail and $1800 on our site. But it was made previous to the market tightening, so we can offer it for only $1295. It is one of the top 2 or 3 best deals on our entire site right now.

It features a solid 18K white gold setting with 7.25 carats of faceted all-natural, earth-mined, deep forest-gree tourmaline plus almost a third of a carat - 32 points - of genuine white diamonds. It measures 1.3" tall x .8" wide and weighs 7.3 grams.