Bellarri "La Bouquet" 18K White Gold, Green Tourmaline & White Diamond Enhancer Pendant

It's usually not a good idea to insult your customers, so we treat our customers well. But for this piece an exception may be in order, because if someone doesn't buy this soon it means you are all crazy. This is part of a 3-piece suite, with matching ring and earrings, and we're now offering the pendant as a solo purchase. And we're offering it for only $1295, a full $400 less than the exact same item in the rhodolite & pink gold colorway. That's not a typo - this pendant should be closer to $1695, but we're now offering it for only $1295. Again, if you guys don't jump on this, you're crazy.

Not only is it priced lower than it should be, but it features a gemstone that Bellarri is no longer designing with due to escalating tourmaline costs. The price of green tourmaline has quarupled over the last two years to almost $100K per kilogram of raw material, making it much harder to find high-quality green tourmaline. This piece features 7.25 carats of all-natural, earth-mined forest-green tourmaline with exquisite color and clarity. It may not seem bright or vivid in our photos, but keep in mind that we only shoot our photos in natural light and without camera flash. There's rarely any lighting enhancement of the gemstones, which is why customers so often have the "it's so much nicer in person!" reaction to our Bellarri offerings.

In addition to the faceted all-natural green tourmaline, this piece also features 32 points - almost a full third of a carat - of genuine white diamonds of G color.

The enhancer pendant - the bail does open - measures over 1.25" tall x .80" wide.

Put it all together, and this is one of the best deals on our entire site. One of you is going to get this, and ask yourself why you waited so long. The rest are going to ask themselves, "why the heck didn't I jump on that when I had the chance?"