Bellarri "La Bouquet" 18K Pink Gold, Rhodolite Garnet & White Diamond Enhancer Pendant

From Bellarri's "La Bouquet" Collection, this features a beautiful display of all-natural, earth-mined rhodolite garnet throwing off hues of maroon, wine, plum, and fuchsia. Bellarri uses only natural rhodolite gemstones - they don't heat-treat their rhodolite for color improvement - so the vivid, rich color you see in these stones is just as mother nature made it.

The rhodolite is arranged in 4 settings, with each stone faceted and cut to fit its particular spot in the setting. Total rhodolite count is 8.75 carats.

Diamonds decorate the 18K pink gold setting top to bottom, with a total count of 82 points / .82ct, which makes this piece one of the most diamond-laden in Bellarri's lineup, past or present (hence the high retail of $5K+).

It measures 1.25" tall x .75" wide and the bail does open for easy placement on cords and chains.

We do confess that as dilligent as we are with our photography, these are challenging to photograph so if you like it in our pictures you will be elated when you see it in person. It looks good here on the website in 2D, but in the hand it's really a work of art and total eye candy.