Bellarri "La Bouquet" 18K Pink Gold Rhodolite Garnet & White Diamond Pendant

In term of pendants, this is the centerpiece of the "La Bouquet" Collection. It's an exquisite creation that retails for almost $9K. Of course, we're offering it for only a third of that.

It starts with solid 18K pink/rose gold, and features double rhodolite settings, joined by a cylindrical faceted rhodolite garnet setting at the center. The lower setting is created with nine "petals", each with three faceted blades of rhodolite garnet, each cut slightly different to fit the rounded setting of the petals. The top section has three more petals, with three blades of rhodolite in each, for a total of 36 faceted all-natural, earth-mined rhodolite garnets with a total carat weight of 18.75ct. More than half a carat (54 points) of genuine white diamonds decorates the edges of those rhodolite petals.

The lower section measures 1.15" in diameter, the top section is almost .75" wide. The entire piece measures almost 2.5" tall and weighs 14.9 grams, almost half an ounce.

The rear is fully finished, of course, with Bellarri's signature "B"s and beautiful filigree work. The bail does open and is big enough for cords up to 3mm thick and Omegas up to 6mm wide.