Bellarri "Dutchess" 18K Yellow Gold Multi-Gem Pendant

The "Dutchess" Collection, pre-retirement, was one of Bellarri's Signature collections, along with "Mosaic" and "Marietta", and within that collection Bellarri has created a multitude of styles in all different sizes. At the high end of the scale are her large "Dutchess" enhancer pendants, which look more like something you'd find in Cleopatra's wardrobe than your local jeweler's showcase.

This piece, style code G1020/M, is one of Bellarri's largest in the "Dutchess" Collection and for many women it would be the centerpiece of their Bellarri collection. It measures a full 2.75" tall and almost 1.5" wide and weighs 23.6 grams, more than 2/3 of an ounce. We will include photos of the piece next to a 25 cent quarter so you can see how it completely dwarfs the coin, to give you an idea of the scale of this piece.

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold and features 22.58 carats of natural earth-mined gemstones in a variety of cuts and shapes, with a gorgeous oval cabochon red garnet at the center of the larger lower section and a scalloped-crown Madeira citrine at the center of the upper section. Contrasting the many colored gemstones are 94 points - almost a full carat - of genuine white diamonds.

If you count them up you'll find more than 50 colored gemstones on this piece. When you imagine the labor and man-hours that went into laser-cutting all those cabochons and ovals and baguettes and trillions you understand why this piece retailed for more than $12K. With tax, this was a $13K purchase, but we're bringing it to customers for under $4400.