Bellarri "Flamingo" 14K White Gold, London Blue Topaz & Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant & Earrings Set w/ Included Chain - 2019 Las Vegas JCK Show Prototype. Only 1 Blue Topaz Set Exists.

This is a one-off set made for the 2019 JCK show in Las Vegas, and only one set exists. It was assigned to Bellarri's "Flamingo" Collection, and these pieces also represent our first pieces from that collection.

It's a matching slider pendant (with included chain) plus earrings. Here are the specs for each:

Earrings ER2402W14/BT - Solid 14K white gold, 10.06 carats combined of Swiss & London Blue topaz across 32 individual stones per side, 64 total, including a combination of faceted accents surrounding channels of flat-tabled & faceted-crown baguettes. The outer accents alternate between Swiss and London topaz, and the center baguettes create a gradient transitioning from London Blue to Swiss. Each earring measures 1.15" tall measured across the stones, or 1.25" tall including the fold-down omega clasp. Each weighs 5.6 grams, the exact same weight as a 25 cent Washington quarter coin. The lobe posts are non-folding.

Pendant P2323W14/BT - Solid 14K white gold, 8.55 carats of Swiss & London Blue topaz across 45 individual gemstones with a combination of faceted & alternating outer accents surrounding a gradient display of flat-tabled center baguettes. It measures 1.45" tall x 1.2" wide and comes with a 14K white gold chain that features 2 clasp loops allowing lengths of both 16" and 18".