Bellarri "Duchess" 14K White Gold, London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz & White Diamond Full Suite

We have the full set - ring, earrings and enhancer, and this set is splittable so you can purchase individual pieces or capture some nice bundle savings with the whole set.

Here are the specs for each component:

Earrings ER2313W14/BT - Solid 14K white gold, 8.70 carats combined of London & Swiss Blue Topaz, 24 points / .24ct of white diamonds combined. Each measures 1.6" tall anx .65" diameter across the setting. Each weighs 4.3 grams.

Enhancer Pendant G1409W14/BT - Solid 14K white gold, 7.41 carats combined of London & Swiss Blue Topaz, 16 points / .16ct of white diamonds. It measures 1.85" tall and .9" diameter across the setting. It weighs 6.9 grams.

Ring R9249W14/BT - Solid 14K white gold, 4.35 carats combined of London & Swiss Blue Topaz, 12 points / .12ct of white diamonds. Top setting measures .7" across in finger direction, .95" wide side to side across widest points of the setting. Setting rises .25" up off the finger. Total weight 5.0 grams. Band size is 7 and sizing is available.

Earrings $1895
Enhancer $1295
Ring $1195
Combo Price Everything $3995