This is officially the "oldest" Bellarri item we've ever listed. From the long-retired "Bentley" Collection, these date back to the 2000-2001 model years. They've never been sold, but have been shown many times over the years at trade shows and such, so you'll find slightly more handling marks on them than on newer pieces, but only on the pivot link and folding arm (not on the sapphire table). They feature solid 18K yellow gold and a calibre cut table holding 4.81 carats (total, both links) of gorgeous deep blue sapphire. These also date back to when Bellarri labeled their pieces with their internal number, so you'll find "5C46" etched on the side, as well as the "750" hallmark indicating 18K gold. These are unisex - the cufflinks in the Bentley Collection were marketed to men, but of course many women wear French cuffs now. The tables measure .45" x .45", and together the links weigh 9.7 grams. Retail was $5175, way back in the days of yore.