Bellarri "Blue Lagoon" 14K White Gold, London Blue Topaz & White Diamond Full Set - Only 1 Set Created / 1 of a Kind

We're introducing two new, 1-of-a-kind "Blue Lagoon" sets this month and this one features a combination of rich London blue topaz and white diamonds, all set in solid 14K white gold. Each piece features one LBT setting and one cluster of white diamonds. Here are the specs for each, with pricing below:

Earrings ER2408W14/LBT - Solid 14K white gold, 9.87 carats combined of London Blue Topaz, 21 points / .21ct combined of white diamonds. Each earring measures .75" tall x .4" wide, and each weighs 2.9 grams.

Slider Pendant P2334W14/LBT - Solid 14K white gold, a single 4.60 carat faceted London Blue Topaz, 14 points / .14ct of white diamonds. It measures just under .75" tall x .7" wide. The pendant alone weighs 3.1 grams and with the included chain they weigh 4.9 grams together. The chain is included and features clasp loops at both 16" and 18" for multiple wearable lengths.

Ring R9429W14/LBT - Solid 14K white gold, a single 7.00 carat faceted London Blue Topaz, 16 points / .16ct of white diamonds. The top setting measures .7" (finger direction) x .8" wide across the setting, with a rise of less than .25" up off the finger. Total weight is 8.3 grams and the band size is 7 with sizing available.

Earrings $1295
Pendant w/Chain $995
Earrings + Pendant w/Chain $1995