Bellarri "Gigi Allure" 14K Pink Gold, White Mother of Pearl, Multi-Gemstone & Champagne Diamond Bracelet

Presenting Bellarri's "Gigi Allure" cuff bracelet, a work of art that is not only beautiful but available to us at a price that allows us to sell it both individually for under $2500 and with some fantastic bundle savings with the close-matching "Paradise" enhancer which we've included in some photos below.

This cuff bracelet features a solid 14K pink gold band and setting with 16.95 carats of white mother of pearl across two staggered-size settings, plus 4.95 carats of natural iolite, topaz, amethyst, garnet, green tourmaline and peridot decorating both settings, and a full 29 points / .29ct of some of the brightest most sparkly champagne diamonds you'll see.

Despite the number of angles included - and we're actually happy with this photo array - the mother of pearl is still far more beautiful in person, where you can appreciate its depth, 3-dimensional character, and lenticular quality of the structure of both stones.

The larger setting measures .9" in diameter and the smaller setting .65" in diameter. Both settings are under .35" deep, so the bracelet doesn't sit up high off the wrist. The arms measure .2" wide. Total weight is 20.4 grams, almost 2/3 of an ounce.

The wrist size is 6.6" - that's the internal circumference, measured by wrapping a flexible ruler (same kind you get in any 99 cent drugstore sewing kit) around the inside of the cuff.