Bellarri "Mosaic" 18K Yellow Gold, Multi-Gemstone & White Diamond Prototype Bracelet - Fully Finished Retail-Fresh, Only 1 Ever Created

For all the Bellarri creations we've offered over the last 6+ years - literally thousands - we've not had the fortune of seeing many of the "Mosaic" pieces. The collection was so wildly popular that Bellarri's dealers usually sold out of it before there was ever an opportunity for any to come our way, and most of the designs were never retired at all. Between bracelets, enhancers, earrings and rings we probably haven't sold more than a dozen total, though we did see a few more from the "Mosaic II" Collection which mimiced the original Mosaic but without any diamonds.

Bellarri made two different "Mosaic" bracelet designs - both very expensive - to go with the whole line, one a two-row design and the other a three-row creation. This bracelet we are offering is a one-off prototype, only 1 ever made, never put into regular production. It features a tapering design from one row to three, and it matches every "Mosaic" multi-gem design Bellarri has offered. It's also the only time we've ever been able to offer a diamond-decorated "Mosaic" bracelet under $5K.

It's made of solid 18K yellow gold with 15.85 carats of all-natural faceted gemstones and a full 72 points / .72ct of genuine F/G VS-SI white diamonds. The top setting measures .95" wide across the 3-row portion of the design, with a rise of just under .25" up off the hand. It weighs 24.6 grams, so it's not an overly heavy or obtrusive design. It will fit wrists up to 6.5" around - any larger than that and it gets snug.