Bellarri "Baroness" 18K Pink Gold, Multi-Strand Amethyst Bracelet with Amethyst, Rhodolite & Diamond Clasp

We also have the matching necklace as well - click here to visit our Sets page and see the combination with bundle savings.

This bracelet features 20 strands of natural, earth-mined amethyst beads that come together at an openable solid 18K pink gold clasp, with an approximate 1.25" wide spread across all strands when untwisted but laid close together. The clasp is released by pressing the little button with the round natural .05ct rhodolite garnet displayed at the center. The clasp itself holds a huge 29.28 carat faceted natural amethyst and is ringed with 24 points / .24ct of natural white diamonds.

Note the color of the amethyst - it's a lighter color, with beautiful hues of purple and lavender. This is entirely by design, hence the style code actually including the 'LAA' gemstone designation signifying "Light Amethyst". Knowing this large clasp stone would be resting against your wrist, inhibiting light pass-through, Bellarri she didn't want a darker stone to be too opaque and seem lifeless. So she used a lighter-hued stone so that even against your arm you'd get beautiful light refraction and clarity, not to mention good contrast against the bead strands.

That 29.28 carat weight is just for the clasp amethyst alone - Bellarri doesn't calculate carat weights for her bead strands. The clasp measures 1.45" x .95" and features double safety catches on both sides. The amethyst beads measure between 1-2mm in diameter.

The bracelet is made for wrists up to approximately 6.75" around, but it can also be twisted to shrink the length. So if you have a 6.5" wrist, you'd twist it to fit. Same goes for a 6.25" wrist.

It's not heavy - it weighs only about 2 1/2 ounces - so despite its large presentation it isn't going to feel onerous on your wrist. Retail was over $7900, but we're offering it for $2595, and there's even more savings when you combine it with the matching necklace.