Bellarri "Capri" 18K Pink Gold, Multi-Strand Natural Rhodolite Garnet Bead Bracelet with Multi-Gem & Diamond Centerpiece

The "Capri" Collection is a very limited collection, with small production runs, and this gorgeous bracelet is a great example. Only 3 of these were produced.

It features 16 strands of all-natural, earth-mined rhodolite garnets in a deep oxblood color. At the center of the bracelet is an 18K pink gold half-barrel covered in more all-natural gemstones. The gemstone count on the centerpiece alone is 9.20ct, plus 31 points of genuine white diamonds.

The centerpiece measures .9" x .6" and .55" thick (not including the garnet-filled push-button clasp release). The rhodolite beads measure 3mm in diameter.

Untwisted, the bracelet will fit snugly on a 7" wrist. With a couple of twists it fits comfortably on a 6.5" wrist. Twist it a couple more times and it can comfortably fit on smaller wrists.

Retail was over $8K - before sales tax - and we're offering it for only $2795 with free shipping.