Bellarri Rhythm & Blues Bracelet

This bracelet is a one-of-a-kind, one-off prototype piece as part of a limited-production 4-piece suite that included a ring, earrings, and pendant as well. Until recently, we had the ring and earrings, but those sold to a now elated customer. We've been looking for the bracelet since we found the ring and earrings, and finally found it.

Bellarri only produced one of these bracelets - just like there is only one of the matching R&B rings, and one pair of earrings, etc. So the lucky owner of this bracelet will own a piece of Bellarri that nobody else will ever have.

It's very representative of her newest, latest Collections, using solid 18K pink gold and the elaborate Marquesa-Collection style floating-gemstone setting.

The center piece of the bracelet is a stunning cluster of 8.10 carats of London Blue Topaz, arranged to capture the flow of musical notes across a staff, rising and falling. Decorating the top setting on both sides of the blue topaz are 12.15 carats of peridot, smoky quartz, blue topaz, citrine, amethyst and rhodolite garnet, in various shapes, sizes and cuts, including faceted and cabochons. Weaving through the groups of "floating" gemstones are ribbons of diamonds set into the 18K pink gold, a full 89 points of F/G VS white diamonds.

The bracelet has a tapered structure, wider at the top than at the bottom of the piece, but tapering even thinner at the middle. It measures 1" wide across the top of the setting, measured at the blue topaz, .25" wide at the sides, and .70" wide across the bottom. The internal width (wrist width) is 2.40", the internal height (wrist thickness) is 1.80", and the internal circumference (wrist size) is 6.75". Total weight is 29.6 grams, just under 1 full ounce.

Because this piece is so representative of her newest collections, it would be an easy piece to match with a ring, earrings, etc. Current 18K pink gold collections that would go great with this would include the Circle of Love, Visions, Aurora, La Bouquet, Gigi, Marquesa, Tango, Carmen, and Ritz. She may not have put this particular R&B Collection design into production, but it served as a signpost for the direction Bellarri would take many of her other collections.