Bellarri "Circle of Love" 18K Multi-Gem Bangle

Bellarri's "Circle of Love" is still very much an active collection, and is currently featured in both magazine ads and in-store displays. This particular style is one of the first to be retired and made available to us.

It features 15.50 carats of all-natural, earth-mined blue topaz, green tourmaline, peridot, citrine, amethyst, iolite, red garnet and rhodolite garnet, in multiple circular settings and decorating the arms of the bangle, plus a full 78 points of VS diamonds.

It's also the first Bellarri bangle we've had that opens from the top setting - the bracelet is hinged at the bottom, and separates at the two top circular settings with a little snap-in nub on one side and small docking hole on the other.

It's not a large piece - bigger than many of the Bellarri link bracelets, to be sure, but smaller than many of the bangles we've had previously. Here are some important measurements:

- 1.5" deep, from the outside of the larger setting to the outside of the smaller setting, measured straight across the bracelet parallel to the arm
- 1.7" wide across the circular settings, measured from side to side across the wrist
- .35" rise up off the wrist (thickness of the gold and settings)
- 6.6" internal circumference (wrist size)
- 2.25" internal width across the bracelet, from side to side
- 1.75" internal height, top to bottom
- weight 34.8 grams, just over a troy ounce

This is a perfect size for gals who love the "big" Bellarri bangles, and want the color and style, but without the larger footprint and weight.

Retail was over $15K - over $16K with tax - so we're proud to offer this for less than $5K, especially considering that it's a recent style.