Bellarri 18K Multi-Gem Bangle Bracelet

Every so often we get lucky - really lucky - and get something that customers would normally never expect to see on our site. We snagged this from the display case of one of our dealer partners, and will only have this for a short time.

It is a one-of-a-kind, one-off solid 18K yellow gold multi-gem bangle bracelet that will look familiar to fans of the still-current Marietta Collection as it shares the same flowing-wave, staggered-blade gemstone cut design. But whereas the Marietta Collection features primarily rhodolite garnet, this features...everything.

It starts with faceted blades of blue topaz, then shifts to gorgeous periwinkle-hued iolite, then to amethyst, then rhodolite garnet, which gently shifts to pure red garnet, then deep gold citrine, then the most beautiful green tourmaline, and finally to peridot. Decorating the edges of the gemstone waves are F/G color VS clarity diamonds. And running through the center is another wave if diamonds, which is punctuated by 4 large gemstones: faceted peridot, citrine, amethyst and red garnet. And connecting the 4 large gemstones are ribbons of smaller faceted rhodolite garnets.

All totaled it has 32.70 carats of colored, all-natural gemstones, plus another 1.27 carats of diamonds (one of the highest diamond counts we've ever had on a Bellarri piece). And you'll notice that the ribbon of diamonds that weaves though the center continues down onto the 18K gold of the bangle itself. We also included some photographs showing the incredibly ornate trellice of gold that forms the undercarriage of the bracelet.

Which segues into the reason there's only 1 of these - perfectly executing those blade cuts you see, across 8 different types of gemstones all with different Mohs Scale (hardness) values, is incredibly labor- and time-intensive. Too much so, in the case of this particular design, which is why, as our dealer partner was all too eager to enthusiastically explain, there's only one of them; Bellarri decided it was simply too complex a piece to put into production and to successfuly create at level of quality Bellarri demands.

Which also explains why there's no Bellarri collection designation shown above - it was never assigned to a particular Bellarri collection. It truly is a piece of jewelry artwork.

It was created with a 6.75" interior wrist circumference, but it can be sized - let us know what you need and we'll see what's possible.

And yes, despite being a one-off prototype, it's also retail-fresh and looks as new and perfect as you'd hope. It's so beautiful, and so perfectly executed, it's almost sad to look at it and realize there won't be any more of them.