Bellarri "Solstice" 18K Multi-Gemstone Bangle Bracelet

We are so excited to find a second "Solstice" bracelet - we recently sold one, and the buyer was so elated with it that we went searching for another, and here it is.

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, and features 18.45 carats of....everything. In every possible shape and cut, from trillions to emerald cuts to cabochons to ovals and teardrops and Bellarri's own exclusive "Mystique" cut. You'll find blue topaz in Sky Blue and London varieties, citrine in gold and Madeira varieties, red garnet and rhodolite garnet, peridot and green tourmaline, iolite and amethyst. Think of a cut and shape, and it's here. And all of the gems you see set around the perimeter of the round top setting are Mystique Cuts.

In addition to the colored gemstones the bracelet offers 25 points of F/G VS diamonds.

Take a look at the photos of the back half of the bracelet - notice the little cutout shapes carved out of gold, reminiscent of the shapes of the gemstone cuts. Even where there's no gemstone, Bellarri finds a way to be creative with the 18K gold filigree.

Here are some important measurements:

Internal width: 2.30" (wrist width)

Internal height: 1.85" (wrist thickness)

Internal circumference: 6.65" (wrist size)

Top setting: 1.15" diameter, measured across the widest stone points.

You can see that the bracelet has a curved shape to it all the way around the setting, adding to the complexity of the gold undercarriage detail.

We included photos in varying levels of lighting, some to show off the particular cut of the gemstone tables. Our extreme closeup shots do blur the diamond settings, but that's so that we could show off the clarity of the cabochons or the Mystique cuts of the baguettes set into the top round setting.

As we emphasized with the first "Solstice" that we sold, Bellarri did not make more than 5 of these. The last one came directly from Bellarri's vault (it was the last one they had), and this one comes directly from a Bellarri dealer's showcase. Having now secured 2 of no more than 5 ever produced, we're feeling pretty lucky but the numbers indicate we probably won't get lucky again.