Bellarri Tuscany Collection
This is our first ever Tuscany Collection bracelet, and a rare pink gold offering as well. Just retired from the Tuscany Collection, it features 34.80 carats combined of all-natural amethyst and lemon quartz, in alternate settings. The settings of lemon quartz are arranged in line with the bracelet, with setting of amethyst offset in different directions, also alternating. Each setting holds two long baguettes - there are 10 amethyst & lemon quartz settings total. Set all along the bracelet, at the corners of each stone, and in between each setting, are diamonds set in 18K pink gold cylindrical settings. Then at the ends, surrounding the clasp, are more offset groupings of diamonds set in 18K pink gold, with a single signature Bellarri "B" also covered with diamonds. Lastly, there are 5 small settings alternating with green tourmaline and amethyst. So many gemstones, so many individual little settings. Total diamond count is 63 points, F/G color and VS quality. Total physical length is 7.25", and it fits wrists up to 6.75" comfortably - a 7" wrist would be a little snug, but not uncomfortable (perfect if you like your bracelets to stay still on your wrist). It measures .6" at its widest point. Total gram weight is 27.8g.