Bellarri "Bamboo II" 18K Tennis Bracelet

Aside from necklaces that don't cost more than a decent used car, bracelets under $4000 are probably the most difficult item for us to locate. Bellarri just doesn't make as many bracelets - in any collection - as they do rings and enhancers. And when she does make bracelets, most fall into the $15-20K retail level. So finding a bracelet - ANY bracelet - that we can offer our customers for under $4K is like getting a nice closeup photo of the Loch Ness Monster smiling and offering a friendly wink.

Which makes this piece not only a gorgeous piece of jewelry art, but a very fortuitous find. It's from Bellarri's retired "Bamboo II" Collection, and it features solid 18K gold and a full 28.30 carats of all-natural earth-mined semi-precious gemstones, plus another 23 points of F/G VS diamonds.

The variety of shapes, sizes, cuts and gemstones makes this a great all-around Bellarri match - it can be paired with just about any collection, including Marquesa, Venus, Flirtation, and Riviera. It's created by alternating various cuts and shapes of citrine, amethyst, garnet, green tourmaline and peridot with faceted-cylindrical settings of green tourmaline, garnet, citrine, peridot, amethyst and iolite, and all of the cylindrical stations feature red garnet cabachons on both sides.

Notice the clarity of the cabachon cuts - without faceting, the only way to make those look beautiful is to use crystal clear, deep-hued stones and that's where Bellarri excels. Cutting a cabachon is the easy part - the challenge is finding a natural stone, that hasn't been treated, that's also clear enough to augment the rest of the bracelet's presentation. It's also so easy to get caught up enjoying those bleeding-red Madeira citrines that you might overlook the perfectly-hued iolites - notice how they're not overly dark and inky, but rather that perfect bluish-violet color that almost turns beige at the right angle, the best indicator of quality iolite.

It's retail new and show-case fresh, you'll be the first to own it. It has a total physical length of 7 inches, and is sized to comfortably fit wrists up to 6.5". On a 6.75" wrist it will clasp but be snug with no play. Any wrist between 6" and 6.5" will be a perfect comfy fit with a little drape.