Bellarri "Jezabelle" Prototype One-Off Bracelet

Being the largest dealer of "retired" and discontinued Bellarri in the United States has its perks - we not only have the best selection of retired Bellarri, and get new inventory more frequently than any brick & mortar retailer, but we also get to see many of the limited edition, prototype, and rare one-off pieces. This set is one of those sweet perks.

Bellarri's "Jezabelle" Collection was made in several colorways...multi-gem with citrine center, multi-gem with amethyst center, all-rhodolite, and all-citrine. When they first designed the collection, Bellarri also considered adding this green tourmaline & peridot colorway, but the peridot market has been very tight the last two years (take note of how few of Bellarri's new collections over the last year have any peridot at all). So after producing just one bracelet, and one ring (ring is SOLD), Bellarri opted not to add to this colorway to the collection. Which makes this bracelet quite special - the owner of this bracelet will own something they'll never see on another woman's wrist.

It features 6.05 carats of crystal-clear, deep-hued green tourmaline and 10.90 carats of peridot. The two large peridots on the bracelet are both Mystique-cuts, with scalloped tables - one oval, one teardrop - with more peridot running down the arms of the bracelet. A full 70 points of F/G VS diamonds cap the presentation. Here are the bracelet measurements:

- Interior width (wrist width): 2.25"
- Interior heigh (wrist thickness): 1.75"
- Interior circumference (wrist size): 6.5"
- Top setting: approx. 1.5" wide x 1.5" deep, across the widest points of the two gemstone settings.

The ring from this set has been SOLD, but the bracelet is still available!