Bellarri "Riviera" 18K Multi-Gem Bracelet

This is one of our luckiest finds in quite a while - a brand new, retail-fresh, never sold "old production" Bellarri 18K yellow gold, multi-gemstone link bracelet from the "Riviera" Collection.

We say "old production" because it was likely produced before 2010 - if this were from the 2012-2014 product years it would be a $4500 bracelet on our website, but as an older-production item we can offer it at only $2995. That's a level we rarely hit with multi-gem bracelets.

It features 30.56 carats of all-natural earth-mined blue topaz, iolite, amethyst, green tourmaline, citrine, rhodolite garnet, and peridot, in a fantastic combination of shapes and cuts. It has everything from Mystique-cuts to faceted stones to cabochons to trillions. You'll also find ribbons of diamods - 20 points total - decorating the links between settings.

The bracelet has a total physical length of 7", with an actual wearable length of 6.5". It will fit snugly on a 6.6" wrist, but will be comfy on wrists smaller than 6.6" around.

It measures .3" wide across the widest links, so it's very much like a tennis bracelet - not too large, but big enough to be colorful and dynamic. Rise up off the wrist is about .3" as well, measured at the cabochon stones which seem to be the tallest.