Bellarri "Zara" 18K Multi-Gemstone & Diamond Link Bracelet

Close followers of our website may notice that we've sold a "Zara" Collection bracelet before, with the style code B723/M. This bracelet is very similar, but goes by the style code B723/MM because the gemstone arrangement is different.

Whereas on B723/M each segment featured one gemstone, on this B723/MM the segments alternate - one gemstone, multigem, one gemstone, multigems, etc. From end to end, the array order goes London Blue Topaz, multi-gems, amethyst, multi-gems, citrine, multi-gems, violet Rhodolite garnet, multi-gems, green tourmaline, multi-gems, amethyst, multi-gems, peridot, multi-gems, amethyst, multi-gems. Total gemstone count is 25.65 carats. Decorating the center of each station, as well as the ribbon-like end of each setting, are genuine white diamonds, 30 points total.

The bracelet has a total physical length of 7.1", and an actual wearable length of 6.75" meaning that it will fit on wrists up to 6.75" around.

The stations measure .6" wide at their widest point. The bracelet weighs 34.2 grams, over a full ounce. Retail was $12K on this, and with tax you'd have been over $13K. We're bringing it to you for less than 31% of that total, brand new and retail fresh.