From Bellarri's "Zara" Collection comes one of the most stunning pieces of jewelry art we'll ever have in our store. Made with solid 18K yellow gold, it features 16 leaf/paisley medallions covered in faceted gemstones, including garnet, citrine, rhodolite garnet, london blue topaz, amethyst, iolite, green tourmaline, swiss blue topaz and peridot. And several colors are repeated, but with different shades - there are two groups of iolite, one a lighter color that almost looks like tanzanite, and the other that almost looks like sapphires. Same for the citrine - one group has deep orange citrine, the color of amber, and another group has deep gold citrines, so there's gorgeous variety from end to end, even within color groups. And of course, diamonds abound, from end to end. Total gemstone count is 24.75 carats, with 30 points of diamonds. The bracelet has a total physical length (when clasped) of 7.3" and a comfortable wearable length up to around 6.9-7" (depending on how snug you like it). The settings are approx. .75" wide each. Total weight is 36 grams. Retail was $13475.