Bellarri "Gypsy" Collection 18K Bracelet

This is our first-ever Gypsy Collection item, and what a way to introduce a retired collection. It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, which is completely covered in all-natural gemstones. The gemstones are arranged in a honeycomb-like grid, alternating pairs of pyramid cabochons with rows of faceted flat-table gemstones - each row has a princess cut in the center, flanked by rounded trillions on the outside. The pairs of pyramid cabochons are always different - an amethyst & citrine, or garnet & blue topaz, for example, while the rows of faceted gems feature the same stones all the way across. You'll see peridot, citrine, amethyst, blue topaz, red garnet, iolite, and rhodolite garnet, in different groupings across the entire bracelet. And I included lots of closeup photos so you can see just how clear and vivid the stones are. You'll also notice that one row of iolites is a light violet-blue color, and the other is sapphire-blue. Same for the citrines - they vary from Maize gold to Madeira orange with hints of red; Bellarri does this on purpose to create color variety even within gemstone families. The red garnets, however, are all the color of Dorothy's slipper, just as they should be. Total gemstone count is 134.60 carats - by far the largest gemstone count of any Bellarri piece we've ever offered. And yes, there are diamonds, lots of them, in little 18K gold cylindrical settings arranged between all the gemstone settings, a total of 33 points of F/G color VS clarity beauties. Total physical length is 7", and this will fit wrists of 6.5-6.75" comfortably and with room to move, and 7" snugly but not tightly. It measures about .95" wide. Total weight is 67.2 grams.

NOTE: The on-wrist shots show the bracelet draped, not clasped, over Dawn's wrist with a light sweater on. If it seems large in those photos, it's because we draped the bracelet over her wrist for easier photo transitions rather than clasping it shut. And yes, some of the photos show the bracelet with the signature Bellarri "B"s upside down, but we liked the clarity of those shots too much not to use them!