Bellarri "Venus" Collection 18K Yellow Gold Multi-Gemstone & Diamond Bangle Bracelet

This is our 3rd "Venus" Collection bangle - we've sold two previously - but it's the first time we've ever been able to offer one for under $5K. We have this priced at only $4795. Think about that for a can buy a "Venus" Collection bracelet from Anvil Fine Wares for about what most women will pay for just a Bellarri ring at retail. It's not too good to be true...

The "Venus" bangle starts with solid gold - the entire bangle setting and structure is made of solid 18K gold with beautiful filigree work at the front and rear of the setting and, as always, a fully-decorated undergallery lined with rows of Bellarri "B"s.

The top setting features 30.10 carats of all-natural green tourmaline, citrine, rhodolite garnet, amethyst and blue topaz, with rivers of diamonds (46 points, almost half a carat) flowing between the multiple levels of colored gemstones. Colored gemstones also decorate both sides of the bangle, in a Fleur de Lis arrangement of stacked faceted baguettes, with the addition of peridot to the color palette.

Here are the size and weight details:

- Total weight: 45.9 grams
- Wrist size/internal circumference: 6.5"
- Internal opening width: 2.2"
- Internal opening height: 1.85"
- Top setting depth: .85"
- Top setting rise off wrist: .4"

The photos shown below are of the actual bracelet you'll receive.