Bellarri "Venus" Collection 18K Bangle
We recently sold one of these, so we went hunting for another one and got lucky. And our 2nd Venus bracelet is just as beautiful as the first. This gorgeous piece of art is from the Venus Collection, and this design was just retired so you may still see it in stores in your area making this a great opportunity to pick up a "current" design at a "retired" price. It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, and features 30.10 carats of blue topaz, amethyst, rhodolite garnet, citrine, and green tourmaline, and not just on the top of the setting but adorning both sides of the bracelet as well in a tapered baguette design. The stones across the top setting are faceted cylindrical cuts. It also has almost half a carat (46 points) of F/G color diamonds. And for those of you new to Bellarri, all the gemstones are all-natural...Bellarri never uses enhanced or treated stones. So those rich colors are just how nature made them. It is a fairly heavy piece - total weight is 51.7 grams (about 5 grams heavier than the last Venus) - and the design puts a large portion of the weight up top so please note the sizing: the internal circumference (wrist size) is 6.5", the internal width (wrist width, side to side) is 2.2" and the internal height (wrist depth, top to bottom) is 1.75". On wrists from about 6" around up to 6.25" around this will fit comfortably but with some space to move and possibly roll. On a 6.5" wrist it's a comfy fit with no rolling. On wrists up to about 6.7" it will be very snug - not painful - with no movement and no extra space, which some gals might want because of the weight distribution. The top setting measures just over 2" wide and .8" deep. Retail is/was $14,300.