Bellarri "Lolita" 18K Yellow Gold, Multi-Gemstone Bracelet

Few things are harder for us to bring you than new Bellarri bracelets under $3K, which makes us very happy to be able to offer this brand new, retail-fresh "Lolita" Collection bracelet for only $2995.

It features a solid 18K yellow gold structure with 27.13 carats of natural, earth-mined gemstones. There are 16 gems, including Swiss blue topaz, London blue topaz, iolite, citrine, peridot, red garnet, rhodolite, amethyst, and green tourmaline. You'll find a beautiful variety of shapes and sizes, and every stone is crystal clear and deeply saturated with color.

In between each gemstone setting and decorating the clasp release are cylindrical settings with genuine white diamonds, 18 points / .18ct total.

The bracelet has a total physical length of 7.25" and a maximum actual wearable length of 7.0". It measures approximately .3" wide, the gemstone settings are about .25" thick/tall, and the bracelet weighs 20.3 grams.

Retail was over $9K - before tax - so our $3K price is as good as we'll ever be able to do on a piece like this.