Bellarri "Aqua Lagoon" 14K White Gold, Natural Aquamarine Cabochons & White Diamond Enhancer & Ring Set

We have it on good authority that only 2 sets of this "Aqua Lagoon" design were created, and we have one of them. Not only is this a rare aquamarine enhancer offering, but it's the first time we've ever seen natural aquamarine cabochons from Bellarri. These are available individually, or as a combo with nice bundle savings. Here are the specs for each:

Slider Pendant P2234W/AQ - Solid 14K white gold, 2.24 carats of natural, untreated & unheated aquamarine spread across 12 individual polished cabochons, 39 points / .39ct of white diamonds. It measures 1" tall x .65" wide with a weight of 4.0 grams. It comes with a 14K chain that has clasp loops at both 16" and 18" so it's wearable at multiple lengths.

Ring R9286W/AQ - Solid 14K white gold, 2.27 carats of natural, untreated & unheated aquamarine spread across 11 individual polished cabochons, 25 points / .25ct of white diamonds. The top setting measures .75" x .5" with a rise of under .2" off the finger. It weighs 5.6 grams and the band is right in between a 6.75 and 7 - bigger than a 6.75, not quite a 7. Sizing service is available.

Pendant w/Chain $1495
Ring $1295
Combo Pendant w/ Chain + Ring $2495