David Yurman Solid 18K Yellow Gold & Madeira Citrine "Lantana" Collection Necklace & Earrings Set

This is an absolutely superb-condition pre-owned David Yurman Lantana Collection Solid 18K Yellow Gold 3-Station Madeira Citrine Necklace + Matching Lantana Citrine 18K earrings, from a non-smoking home.

You can tell by the number and variety of photos we took that we really enjoyed photographing this Yurman set - the necklace and earrings feature a beautiful alternating link design with a rope texture design, ornately carved toggle clasp, and the rich warm hue of 18K yellow gold. Of course, the highlights are the gemstone stations - three gorgeous, faceted all-natural earth-mined Madeira citrines, each a full half inch long, on the necklace and one each on the earrings (also half an inch long). The citrines feature not only wonderful color, but also that deep tangerine color indicative of Madeira citrines, with clarity to match.

Here are some important measurements and details:

- Necklace length: 16"
- Necklace Link width: .15"
- Citrine stations: .65" x .45"
- Necklace Weight: 36 grams
- Earrings height/length: 1.7"
- Earrings weight: 6.5 grams each

As you can see in the photos the necklace is fully hallmarked, including the DY and 750 (denoting 18K gold) marks. The earrings are also marked, on the back of the uppermost link where the lobe clasp meets the lobe post (we don't show the DY & 750 marks on the earrings in our photos, as they're small and tough to photograph, but trust us they're are there and easy to see through a jeweler's magnifier).

Both the necklace and earrings are in superb condition - we wish everyone took care of their jewelry like the previous owner of this Yurman took care of hers. They have no issues - the gemstones are flawless, there are no bent or distored links, and there's no damage. Even picky buyers will be elated with these.