Bellarri 18K "Malibu" Citrine Multi-Gem Pendant

We've sold these previously in two colors, with citrine drop as you see here, and also with an amethyst drop. These pendants normally hit our website at $1895, but we got a great opportunity on this citrine and we're passing it on to customers by pricing this one at only $1495. But that price won't last, as our time with this piece will be limited.

It's from the "Malibu" Collection, and it's a large pendant - a full 2.3" tall. It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, and features an absolutely brilliant 9.25 carat faceted Madeira citrine that bleeds red from the top, with more hints of red from the bottom. It's as good as citrine can get from Bellarri. And just the citrine alone is more than half an inch tall.

The bail features baguettes of rhodolite garnet and green tourmaline top and bottom, with Lifesaver-cut blue topaz and amethyst creating a gemstone near-circle in between (4.60ct total). Diamonds decorate both the top and bottom settings - 16 points of F/G color brillaint rounds.

The bail does open, for easy placement on your favorite chain or cord.

If you're new to Bellarri and are looking for a "first piece" to start your collection, this would be the perfect way to jump into the pool. It's big, it's dynamic, and it really shows off the creative cutting and shaping that sets Bellarri gemstones apart, not to mention the to-die-for citrine. Add in the lower-than-normal price and this will get your addiction off on the right track!