Why Choose Bellarri?


There are so many ways to spend your jewelry dollars, you may have asked yourself..."why should I pick Bellarri?"

This is a question we love to answer...

- It's still a family-owned and family-run company (and the family isn't off hiding someplace in a castle on an island).

- Because it's still family-run, there's no big corporate maze to navigate if you need service or have a special product request.

- Bellarri's designs are creative, dynamic, unusual, and just different. She's doing things with gemstones that other designers won't attempt.

- The reason she can do things other designers won't attempt is because they have made large investments in the latest gemstone laser cutting technology. Unlike many other designers, Bellarri doesn't outsource her gemstone cutting, and the cutting isn't done in large batches outside their control. So when we say that Bellarri does things other designers can't do, we mean that literally.

- A great example of Bellarri breaking new ground is the creation of the "Mademoiselle" and "Marietta" Collections. It took Bellarri two years of experimenting and training to master the cutting of the natural rhodolite garnet blades that make up the incredible settings in these collections. If you own one of these beautiful pieces and you have had the pleasure of seeing one in person, you can appreciate the time, energy and work that went into making it happen, and you understand why the "Mademoiselle" line was the 2010 JCK Jewelry Grand Prize winner.

- For Bellarri, the design matters immensely, but at the end of the day it's all about the gemstones. The gemstones are never just a placeholder, never just a means to an end, in trying to complete a design. Every gemstone is geologically-created by mother nature, and this applies to all her designs, even the Sterling collections. Bellarri never uses lab-created gemstones.

- Her insistence on using only natural stones is combined with a level of pickiness that borders on obsessiveness - she chooses only the clearest, cleanest, most brilliant gemstones. From Madeira citrines that look like they're bleeding red, to amethysts that glow in purple, plum, fuchsia and periwinkle, to green tourmalines with that rare teal color that is so hard to find, to pink tourmalines that are so vivid and deep that even rhodolite garnets would be jealous.

- If you're going to buy gemstone-based jewelry, look beyond the design and insist on the best gemstones your money can buy. In the same way that you critique color and clarity when buying diamonds, it's important to do the same with colored stones. With Bellarri designs, clarity is a given, and color is where she really stands out from the jewelry crowd.

- Many of her designs are limited production - some are literally one of a kind (and we usually have a couple of those on the website at any given time), and many have a production run of no more than 5 total pieces. Many of our Bellarri customers are wearing pieces they will never see being worn by another woman - they own something of which only one was ever created.

- Incidentally, this limited availability isn't always a function of trying to be exclusive, rather it's often a matter of gemstone availability. If Bellarri can't guarantee an ample supply of the right quality stones for a design, she will cancel production rather than produce jewelry with less-than-optimal stones, resulting in a production run of exactly one piece. In the case of her "Europa" collection sapphire rings, rare stones like that can't be purchased in quantity, so there's only one of each ring by design.