Why the name "Anvil Fine Wares"?


Did you know that my gal Dawn - the smarter, prettier, and more talented other half of this little jewelry empire - is also a gamer? It's true - she loves video games. And one of her all-time favorite games is "Oblivion", an adventure game in which you look for treasure, battle monsters, visit strange and exotic places, and progress as an Elf, a Warrior, a Lizard-person, and other such characters.

In this game, there are many towns and cities you can visit or even buy a house in. And all of them have pubs, blacksmiths, magic potion shops, and general stores where you can sell your treasures for gold pieces or trade your unwanted loot for even better loot. Dawn's favorite town in the game is a port village called..."Anvil". After almost every adventure, her first stop would be Anvil, to sell off her treasure and build her gold stash and to see what new magic items the shopkeeper had that day. And when she opened the door to his shop, he would always say something like "Why don't you come in and take a look at my wares!"

After hearing this line about 10,000 times, and seeing how much Dawn liked shopping the "wares" in Anvil, the seed for the name of our website was planted.

So now when you shop here at Anvil Fine Wares, you're like the adventurers stopping in at the general store in Anvil, except there are no zombies, wraiths or minotaurs chasing after you.