IMPORTANT PayPal Policy Update - PayPal got into the liquor cabinet again


Effective October 11, 2019, PayPal will no longer refund fees on any refunded payment. They will process refunds, but they're now keeping the 2.9% + $.30 on every transaction, no matter the reason for the refund.

This is just another in a long line of what-are-they-thinking policy decisions by Paypal, and it's something we want our customers to understand and think about. While we process very few returns, because our customers love us so much, we can't imagine any of you want to eat the $30 in fees on a refunded $1000 transaction but that's what will happen as of 10/11/19. We're not going to eat it - our Bellarri margins are simply too low to eat that expense - so we will be forced to take that out of any refund.

We would love to hear from those of you who still use PayPal regularly when buying from us. The majority of our customer base has migrated to either using credit card outside of PayPal, or paying via check or electronic transfer to save the 3%, but we still have regular PayPal users. If we were to remove the PayPal buttons from our Bellarri listings, would that affect your ability and/or willingness to purchase from us? Would migration over to credit card separate from PayPal be a trouble-free transition for you, or is it necessary that we keep PayPal a part of our site going forward?

Let us know how you feel about this policy change and the risk of having to pay 3% to receive a refund. We're consumers too, and we think this is an absolutely asinine policy and that it will backfire - as far as we can tell from speaking with PayPal, this affects ALL transactions including those on eBay (unless they backtrack and announce otherwise). We can't imagine the uproar from buyers on eBay finding out they have to eat 3% in order to return an item on eBay. There's no way this ends well. But we want to know how you feel, especially regarding whether or not we need to continue offering PayPal payment service on our site so drop us a line!