Vacation Photos! Because who doesn't want to see other peoples' vacation photos?!

Some individual photo notes:

- Locations include Lucerne, Mt. Rigi, and Meiringen in Switzerland, and Annecy, Chambery, Aix-le-Bains and Paris in France.

- #11 Sky Over Lucerne, no funny business with the camera here. The sun broke through the clouds to illuminate the city for a few minutes, but the clouds overhead made it look like the world was ending.

- #57 Little Asian girl in Annecy, yes we did ask her mother and grandmother if we could take her picture. She was looking around as if they'd told her she was going to Disney World, and she was confused as to why there were no rides or costumed characters.

- #60 On drive back from Chambery to Annecy we drove through the des Bauges mountains and found this little store, with a display counter area in one room and an immaculate fully-equipped chocolatier's kitchen in the other with glass window between the two allowing you to watch one man, chef make some of the most incredible chocolate we've ever had. The store is up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by just a handful of farms, so his customer base is tiny but that little non-descript shop was one of the gems of the entire trip.

- #69 At the back of a cheese shop in Annecy I discovered the glass viewing window into their refrigerated cheese cellar and thought I'd discovered hidden treasure.

- #78 From my seat at Yves Thurries' hot chocolate room. He has twice been named Meilleur Ouvrier de France, which is like the Olympics of chocolate and patisserie. The cocoa was as thick as motor oil and so incredible we went twice in one day, and then went into chocolate-induced shock.

- #85 I normally wouldn't photograph half-eaten food, but halfway through we realized we were eating the best pizza we've ever had in our lives. It wasn't the fresh thyme or basil, or balsamic vinegar or aged parma or reblochon was the fresh fig. It took me 50 years to combine red wine with fresh fig. I'm a late bloomer.

- #104 Paris has a fantastic Velib bike rental program with stations and bikes all over the city, plus electric car charging stations everywhere.

- #105 The front window at Patrick Roget's chocolate boutique on Rue Saint-Germain in Paris, with solid chocolate boots that must have been 4 feet tall. You have to take out a 2nd mortgage to buy anything here. Which we did, of course.

- #110 Front window display at Arnaud Lahrer's boutique near the Jardin du Luxembourg. Everything you see there, the little buggies racing on the little road up the little ramp with the trees and grass and striped curb, is made of solid chocolate. That's his "Toulouse Lautrec" chocolate pastry shown in photo 122.

- #120 Pierre Herme's boutique. He invented the French Macaron. We basically walk in and just hand them all of our money, no point in playing coy about it.

- #121 That green masterpiece on the bottom, from Sadaharu Aoki, is a spinach & chocolate pastry. Forget what it sounds tastes like losing your virginity. His specialty is bringing Asian flavors like Macha, Yuzu, Sesame and Wasabe to French patisserie.

We took more than 1000 photos, many just to capture the energy and vibe of Paris. Click the image below to see some of our favs (the swan pix are Dawn's idea)...