Bellarri Pairs, Combinations & Sets

If you're looking to add matching Bellarri to your collection, this is the place to look. Here you'll find not only full Bellarri suites that are available for purchase only as a combined set, but also pairings of pieces that come from the same collection. And when we pair, you save - our set prices are always lower than the sum of the individual pieces. With many of these pairings you don't have to buy them together - you'll find their individual components on our Rings, Earrings, Pendants and Bracelet pages - but you'll save money when you do.


"Rosa" 2 Pc Set Enhancer + Ring in 14K Pink Gold w/Natural Abalone, Rhodolite & White Diamonds & Includes 16" Mirror Link Chain $1995
More photos on the way!
"La Bouquet" 3 Pc Set Enhancer + Earrings + Ring of London Blue Topaz in 18K White Gold $3995
"Butterflies are Free" 3 Pc Set Enhancer + Earrings + Ring
1 of a Kind Set / Only 1 of each Piece Produced - $5895
"Empress" 1-of-a-Kind
3-Pc Suite with Enhancer, Earrings, Ring - $4395
"Baroness" Matching 2 Piece Set Bracelet + Necklace $4995
"Hava" 2 Piece Set: Enhancer Enhancer + Ring - $2995
"Hava" 2 Piece Set: Enhancer Pendant + Earrings - $3895
"La Bouquet" + "Marietta" 2 Piece Set: Bangle Bracelet + Ring $8495
"Zara" 3-Piece Suite: Necklace, Earrings, Ring - $3495



Layaway: Yes, we do offer layaway! And we don't charge any interest during the layaway period. If there's something you'd love to add to your collection, but need some help with budgeting, drop us a line and let us help.
Payment: You'll notice there are two payment buttons for each item - this is because we offer customers the ability to pay through PayPal OR directly with credit card for those customers who don't use PayPal. And of course, we gladly accept most old-school payment methods, including cashier's check, wire transfer, money order, in-branch deposits, and direct transfers from Bank of America customers. And we gladly give a 3% discount for all non-PayPal and non-Credit Card payments: if we save the fees, you save the fees!
Sizing UPDATED 2/25/15: Most Bellarri rings come in standard size 7, and we are happy to offer ring sizing services. Cost for sizing is a flat $50 for all sizes between 5.5 and 9. Costs for sizes below 5.5 and above 9 will scale at an additional cost of $25 per half size. So, for example, a size 10 would cost $100. A size 10.5 would cost $125. Your ring will be sized before delivery, so you'll receive it ready to wear. Sizing is done by Bellarri, with all hallmarks preserved. All sizing fees are pass-through from Bellarri - we don't profit from sizing charges in any way.



"Rhythm & Blues" One-of-a-Kind 3pc Set - $8295
3-pc "Jezabelle" Set
3pc Peridot Flower Suite - $3695
2pc "Rhythm & Blues" Pair - $4495
"Hava" 3-Piece Suite - $2795




Visions 18K Pink Gold Amethyst 3-pc Suite - $1619
"La Petite" 2-Pc Pendant + Earrings - $2095
"La Bouquet" 3-Pc Suite:
Lg Pendant, Earrings, Ring - $4995
"Tuscany" 2-Pc Pendant + Earrings - $3290
"Visions" 18K Pink Gold Blue Topaz & Lemon Quartz 3-pc Suite - $1559
"Visions" 18K Pink Gold Champagne Quartz 3-pc Suite - $1449
"Visions" 18K Pink Gold Blue Topaz 3-pc Suite - $1599
"Hava II" 18K Yellow Gold Peridot Enhancer & Earrings 2-Piece Set - $2795
"Jezabelle" 3-Piece Suite: Ring, Pendant, Earrings - $5795
"Mosaic Lagoon " 2-Piece Set: Ring + Pendant - $2795
Inquire for availability
"La Bouquet" 3-Piece Suite with Choice of Pendants
"Princessa" 1-of-a-Kind
3-Pc Suite:
Bangle, Earrings, Ring - $14995
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