Campomaggi Large Grigio Vachetta Leather Carry-On Weekend Bag / Tote / Travel Bag

This is easily the largest and most luxurious Campomaggi we've offered yet, and by far the most expensive in terms of original retail cost. It's not meant as a handbag, but rather as a carry-on travel bag or weekender. If you're hopping from San Diego up to Sausalito for some R&R, and want to travel light but in style, this is the bag you grab.

The color code is "Grigio" which is grey, but in reality it looks like a deep charcoal-chocolate color. The photos below are stock manufacturer photos, but the color is dead-accurate. There's far more deep dark-chocolate brown than any other hue.

It measures almost 19" long x 13" tall, and can be stuffed quite full. It has both double handles and a removable crossbody strap. There's a large center compartment, and a secondary large front compartment. You can also see the snap-in detachable embossed Campomaggi logo key ring that attaches on the back almost like an ID tag.

The leather is vintage aged, but not heavily distressed. It's soft and supple, but also thick and rugged at the same time. The points cost on this one is high, but it's a special piece that is no longer made by Campomaggi.