Campomaggi Studded Laminated & Brushed Distressed Bronze Leather Clutch Bag


Campomaggi's brushed & laminated cowhide leather accessories have a different feel than their vachetta leather distressed pieces. They're a little stiffer and more form-fitting, though not heavier. They feature a gorgeous distressed metallic finish, with areas that have been hand-brushed and rubbed to make it look like the color has been rubbed away. They also have impressions, lines, and marks in them, again all part of the design to give the bag a heavy vintage/aged appearance.

These clutches are wildly popular, because they're so versatile. Measuring 10" x 7", and about an inch thick, with a snap-shut wrap around snap closure, they open to reveal a full-length slip pocket on one side, and snap pocket on the other. The snap pocket itself opens to reveal a green canvas lined pocket with additional smaller zip pocket. The clutch also has a wrist strap.