Welcome to The Anvil Fine Wares Customer Rewards Program!

Where Every Dollar Spent Earns Points That You Can Use to Get FREE Campomaggi Leather Accessories, or Discounts off NEW Bellarri Purchases!

Here at Anvil Fine Wares, our customers earn points with every purchase - every item, every brand, new items and pre-owned. We want to reward our customers for their long-term loyalty and patronage, while adding to the overall shopping experience of buying from AFW.

UPDATED 3/6/17 - the following updates augment the information below are are effective immediately:

- The maximum cash conversion per transaction is 500 points = $250, effective immediately 3/6/17.

Here's how it works:

- For every $100 you spend on our site, on anything and everything, you earn 5 points. Buy a $500 item and you earn 25 points, buy a $1000 item and you earn 50 points, and so on.

- We'll be tracking your purchases for you, including amounts between $100 increments, so that if you spend $240 on one purchase, and then $300 on the next purchase, you'll have 25 points with $40 of credit towards the next $100/5 point increment. Every dollar is tracked, and every time you accumulate another $100 of purchases you'll get another 5 points, even if that $100 increment happened across two different purchases.

- Layaways count! Every time you make a payment, your points total climbs! (layaways either initiated after January 1, 2015, or immediately before with deposit payment arriving after January 1, 2015)

- Points can be used in one of two ways: 1) Cashed in for free Campomaggi leather accessories (click the thumbnail below to visit our Campomaggi selection page) OR 2) Cashed in for monetary discounts off new Bellarri purchases at a rate of 50 cents per 1 point cashed.

We're very excited about offering Campomaggi as our primary reward. Dawn and I discovered Campomaggi leather accessories at an upscale boutique in Paris - Marco Campomaggi's bags are handmade in Italy, in the little village of Teodorano. Each distressed vintage bag is unique - no two are alike - and they look like they've been traveling around the world for a couple of decades by the time you get them. Dawn and I became instant fans, and we're excited to share this find with our customers. And yes, Campomaggi caters to both men and women, with everything from wallets to clutches to totes to briefcases so the men will be able to appreciate the Campomaggi offerings as much as the women.

- Points are convertible to cash discounts as well at a rate of 50 cents per point. So if you spend $1000, you get 50 points to cash in for goodies, or you can convert those points to $25 of discount off a future website purchase. If you've saved up 500 points, they can be cashed in for a discount of $250, and so on. And unlike many sites that cap earnings, forcing you to cash in your points before you may want to, or to convert points in order to zero out your balance and start accruing again, there's no cap with our program. You can accrue and accrue for as long as you want, to as high a total as your piggybank can handle. And there's no per-item cap either - if you buy a $20,000 Bellarri necklace, you'll get the full points on every dollar.

- Yes, customers who discover us on eBay will be rewarded too! Customers who buy their Bellarri from us on eBay will receive the website equivalent award for the item they buy. So, for example, an item that costs $1000 on our website will usually cost about $100 more on eBay, to account for the fees we pay to eBay. If you buy that item for $1100 item via eBay you'll receive points on the $1000 it costs on the website (that way we're not awarding points for money that goes to eBay for fees).