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150 Points
295 Points
325 Points
Campomaggi Cognac Distressed Leather Tablet Case (will fit devices up to 9.5" tall x 7.3" wide and .35" thick)
Campomaggi Tracolla Marsupio Doppia Zippered Sling Bag in Wool & Brown Leather (unisex slingpack)
Campomaggi Studded Laminated & Brushed Distressed Bronze Leather Clutch Bag
895 Points
450 Points
495 Points
Campomaggi Large Grigio Vachetta Leather
Weekender Suitcase Carry-On
Campomaggi Borsa Media Shoulder Bag in Distressed Metallic Silver & Chocolate Brown Leather with Deep Red Multicolor Paisley Fabric
Campomaggi Borsa Manici Aged Denim Cotton & Navy Vachetta Leather Crossbody Tote Daybag
795 Points
Campomaggi XL Hobo Style Crossbody Tote / Weekend Traveler Bag in Dark Brown


What Makes Campomaggi Bags Special?: Marco Campomaggi's bags are not meant to look perfect or cookie-cutter. They're intentionally imperfect, each bag undergoing a patented manufacturing process where they're washed, dyed and distressed after they're put together, not before. So rather than distressing unassembled pieces, then matching like-colors and making a "perfect" color-matched bag, they distress the bags after they're made - and because each animal skin is different in the way it absorbs color, stretches and shrinks, the bags come out with varying colors, shades, textures and degrees of "aging". In other words, each bag is literally a one-of-a-kind creation, and no two are alike. And in many cases, the variance between two different Campomaggis of the exact same style can be dramatic. Campomaggi's distressing process is patented, and they use only the finest 100% Italian full-grain leathers. You'll also see bags made with wools from recycled Italian military blankets, military-grade canvas, and the linings are made with recycled ecologically-friendly cotton. The build quality is superb, the scent of the leather is intoxicating, the feel is sublime, and they look as if they were born before you and may just outlive you.

What Should I Expect?: As mentioned above, each Campomaggi is different - different shades, different tones, different textures. And because they use full-grain leather, with a gorgeous aged-vintage look, they don't try to avoid distinct markings and unusual characteristics - don't be surprised if you get a bag with black ink-like striations in the leather. If the marks were in the skin, they'll be in the bag - Campomaggi doesn't try to color over or remove such marks. The goal is to create a unique, organic, and "imperfect" bag that you won't be afraid to carry in all kinds of weather, in all kinds of environments. These bags are not meant to be babied or kept in the closet. The photos provided are retail stock photos, so the bag you receive will have the same shape, features, and style, but may vary in color hue and distinct markings. No two Campomaggis are exactly alike.

Availability: Campomaggis are made in small batches, and most retailers don't have more than 1-3 of any style at any one time. We'll rarely have more than one of a particular bag. So it's first-come, first-served on all Campomaggi rewards.
Tell Me More! Click the logo at right to visit the Campomaggi Italy website, and learn more about their products, history, and philosophy. You can also sign up for their newletter, which is a great way to get the "flavor" of the company.


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