Anvil Fine Wares Customer Rewards: How It Works


How The Process Works:

Step 1) You purchase something from our website - new Bellarri, pre-owned Bellarri, an estate piece, anything at all, and you get points at a rate of 5 points per $100 spent.

Step 2) We log your points into our special Oompa-loompa spreadsheet so that you rightfully get the credit you deserve

Step 3) When you have enough points, you email or call us to cash them in and you can use them in one of two ways: either to get a free Campomaggi leather accessory, or to get a discount on a new Bellarri purchase. If you've chosen a new Campomaggi item, we ship it to you at no cost...shipping is free!

Step 4) Mail carrier brings goodies to you

Step 5) You answer door politely and respectfully

Step 6) You accept goodies from mail carrier

Step 7) You tactfully close the door behind you

Step 8) You grab the closest machete / chainsaw / jackhammer / rusty axe, and frantically destroy whatever cardboard packaging separates you from your goodies

Step 9) You enjoy your goodies, because goodies like we're giving away deserve to be enjoyed

Step 10) The process, like the circle of life, begins anew


Earning Points: For every $100 spent, you earn 5 points, and we do keep track of fractions. Spend $250, and you have 12.5 points. Spend $500 and you get 25 points, and so on.

Points can be used in one of two ways: towards brand new Campomaggi leather accessories, OR you can cash them in to get discounts off a new Bellarri purchase.

If you choose the latter option, to cash in your points for a Bellarri purchase discount, you will get 50 cents in discount for every 1 point cashed. So if you previously spent $500, and earned 25 points, you can subsequently cash in those 25 points for $12.50 off your next purchase. And likewise, 100 points is worth $50 off a new Bellarri item, 500 points is worth $250 off, and so on. The only limitation with cashing points in for money off your purchase is that your purchase must be at the price listed on our website.


Keeping Track of Points: If you don't want to track your own points, you don't have to. We're doing it for you, and we'll let you know how many you have after every purchase. And of course, you can email us anytime for an update.


Cashing in Points: When that magical time arrives, and you're ready to cash in your points, just call or email us and tell us what you want. We'll make the adjustments on our oompa-loompa spreadsheet and ship your reward right out to you, with free shipping included. If, in the case of a Campomaggi accessory, you decide you want a different reward, just return the first reward back to us and we'll send the replacement right out.

Also, points can only be used on our website - if you wish to convert points to cash discounts for purchases of Bellarri, those purchases must occur on our website. We cannot redeem points for purchases on eBay.