Anvil Fine Wares Customer Rewards: Frequently Asked Questions


"How many points will my purchase earn?": For every $100 you spend, you will earn 5 points. Spend $1000 and you get 50 points, spend $2000 and get 100 points, and so on. And we do keep track of fractions, so if you spend $325 you will have 16.25 points.


"How can I check my points balance?": If you've lost track, just ask us! We're always only a phone call, email, or realtime chat away and we like to hear from our customers.


"The Campomaggi bags are beautiful, but can I use my points towards some Bellarri or something else on your website?": Yes, every point is worth 50 cents in monetary value that you can use for a Bellarri purchase on our website. So, for example, if you previously spent $1000 and you earned 50 points, you can now turn that 50 points into a $25 discount credit towards any product on our website. If you have 200 points saved up, you can convert them to $100, 500 points to $250, and so on. And you don't have to use all of your points at once...if you have 500 points, and you want to convert 200 of them into a $100 discount and save the remaining 300 points for something else down the road you can do that.


"Are there any limitations to cashing in my points for money discounts?": Yes, just one: cashed points can only be used when paying the listed price for an item on our website. For example, you can't email us about a $1495 item and ask to pay $1395 and cash in some points too. It's one or the other - we don't mind people asking for a little help with pricing now and then, that's just human nature. But if we do give you some help with pricing on an item, you can't also then cash points towards that item.


"Will I lose my points if I don't buy anything for a while?": No, absolutely not. We have plenty of customers who only buy one or two items per year, and it may take them a while to build up enough points for some of the higher-end Campomaggis...if you want to bank your points and hold out for something special, feel free, your points won't expire or disappear.


"What if I discovered you on eBay and made my purchase there - will I still get points?": Yes! We don't care how you discover us...via Google, eBay, or slip of paper inside a fortune cookie...if you buy from us, you get rewarded, as long as that item meets one of two criteria: 1) It's a piece of Bellarri OR 2) the listing specifically points out that that particular item is eligible for rewards points.

Please note that eBay purchasers will receive the website-equivalent reward for that purchase. You see, our eBay prices for everything are always higher to account for the outrageous fees we pay to eBay (9% to be exact). So, for example, an item that is priced at $1000 on our website will be priced around $1100 on eBay, to account for the eBay fees. If you buy that item on eBay instead of our website, you'll receive points on the $1000 website price, not the $1100 eBay price. That way we're not awarding points on money that is going to eBay for fees.

Cashing in your points can only be done on our website - any points you've accumulated, whether through purchases here or on eBay, can only be used via our website.


"This seems too good to be true...I buy things I would have bought anyway, at prices just as low as always, but now I get extra bonus items? There must be a catch...are you going to make me donate plasma, or buy a subscription to Hedgehog Fancy magazine??": While we do have to confess that we did consider the financial benefits of forcing our customers to purchase lifetime subscriptions to Hedgehog Fancy magazine, the truth is that we feel awfully lucky that we get to do what we love, and have the support of so many cool friends and customers who appreciate our website, our products, and the service we provide. So we decided to create this Rewards Program, to show our appreciation. Campomaggi bags aren't inexpensive, so this rewards program requires a large investment on our part, but we think you're going to love them and we know that we're not just investing in "inventory"...we're investing in our customers, we're investing in the relationships we've built, and we're giving back to you for your support, trust and patronage.


"Having thoroughly read through this FAQ section, I can't help but admit that I'm fixated on the idea of a subscription to Hedgehog Fancy magazine...can you make that happen?": No but we wish you and your hedgehog the best of luck.