Bellarri "Romantic Reflections" 18K Amethyst, Multi-Gemstone & Diamond Earrings

From Bellarri's "Romantic Reflections" collection, this is one of Bellarri's most popular designs and we've sold these in multiple colors. They're some of the more expensive Bellarri earrings we'll offer, but it's because they feature big, beautiful gemstones.

They start with solid 18K yellow gold and feature faceted amethysts at the center, surrounded by blue topaz, peridot, citrine and garnet (14.90 carats total). Ribbons of diamonds set in solid 18K white gold - 26 points total - decorate the corners. They measure approximately .7" tall x .6" wide, and the posts do fold for safe travel and storage.

The photo array below shows a combination of pictures taken in both natural light and with camera flash.

Retail was $6800 - we still have the original retail tag and would be happy to include it - but we're offering these for only $2295.