Bellarri Solid 18K Gold & Diamond Wedding Remounts

We are pleased to offer our customers Bellarri's full assortment of 14K & 18K white, yellow, & rose gold wedding remounts.

In addition to their many ready-to-wear jewelry collections, Bellarri has also created dozens of wedding remount styles, and we have access to their full assortment. These are fully-finished wedding mounts, with genuine diamond accent stones included and set, ready for your own engagement ring diamond. Bellarri created these for customers who wanted a new setting for their engagement diamond, and wanted to enjoy Bellarri quality and attention to detail.

Pictured at left and below are four examples - two of them show center stones, these are just CZ placeholders for display purposes. All of Bellarri's remounts require a center stone, and most are made to take stones up to 1.5 to 2.0 carats, give or take. These four range in price from $1200-2000, and like our other Bellarri offerings are coming to you at a fraction of original retail.

If you have a wedding diamond that needs a new setting, call or write anytime, we're happy to help!