Bellarri "Visions" 18K Green Gold & Prasiolite Set

This "Visions" collection features 18K green gold with prasiolite and diamonds. Prasiolite is often referred to as "green amethyst", and has a beautiful mint green appearance - it's a beautiful alternative if you're looking for a gemstone color with a very earthy, organic appearance.

The prasiolite and diamonds are set in beautiful white and green gold - a gorgeous combination. Green gold isn't really green - it's more of a deep yellow with a subtle hint of a lime color. Hard to describe, but very rich and attractive; we'll let the photos do the talking.

The gemstones have a beautiful and unusual carved shape - almost like very subtle and rounded yin-yang shapes.

Customers are welcome to purchase pieces individually, or enjoy bundle savings by purchasing the entire suite.

Pendant G1223GG/PA: 5.00 carat faceted prasiolite, 7 points of diamonds. Total height including bail is 1". Width is .3". Pendant can be bought individually for $499.

Ring R8853GG/PA: 3.30 carat prasiolite, 9 points of diamonds. Ring setting measures .6" x .3", and the ring is a size 7 and sizing is available. Ring can be bought individually for $499.

Earrings ER2091GG/PA: 6.50 carats of prasiolite (combined) and 15 points of diamonds. Each earring measures 1" tall and .35" wide. Earrings can be purchased individually for $729.

The 18K gold mirror-link chain shown in the photos is not included, but can be added to any "Visions" purchase for only $95. It's 18K yellow gold, but is a beautiful match for the pendant.

If we've not yet listed the individual pieces on the "Visions" page, please contact us to purchase any of them.