Bellarri "Visions Elite" 14K Pink Gold, Natural Amethyst & White Diamond Earrings

These were part of a set - one of only 2 sets created - and the ring & necklace are now sold, leaving the earrings available for purchase.

They're based around natural, earth-mined amethyst in two light shades - an icy purple color and a lighter lavender-hued amethyst. Solid 14K pink gold is used all around, with genuine white diamonds completing the design.

Here are the specs:

Earrings ER2320PG14/ALA: 14K pink gold, 5.10 carats of purple amethyst, 22.51 carats of lavender amethyst, 11 points white diamonds. 1.75" tall x .45" wide, 6.1 grams each side (12.2 grams total).