Bellarri "Lolita" 18K Pink Gold, Pink Mother of Pearl & White Diamond Pendant & Earrings Set

Collection: "Lolita"

Style Codes: ER2106PG/MOP, G1238PG/MOP


Earrings ER2106PG/MOP: Solid 18K pink gold, 20.05ct of natural Pink Mother of Pearl, 47 points / .47ct White Diamonds. Each measures 1.75" tall x .45" wide, each weighs 3.7 grams.

Pendant G1238PG/MOP: Solid 18K pink gold, 11.70ct natural Pink Mother of Pearl, 17 points / .17ct White Diamonds. Pendant measures 1.75" tall x .45" wide and weighs 3.5 grams alone, and 4.8 grams with the 16" mirror-link 14K chain.

Earrings $1695
Pendant w/Chain $1095
Combo $2495