Bellarri "Rosa" 14K Pink Gold, Natural Abalone, Rhodolite Garnet & White Diamond Enhancer w/ Included 16" Mirror-Link 18K Pink Gold Chain

This combination includes both the "Rosa" Collection 14K pink gold enhancer with a 16" mirror-link 18K pink gold chain, for one great price of only $1095.

The enhancer features a flower design, with four hearts making up the flower petals. One of the hearts is covered in diamonds, and the other three are made of natural abalone flashing beautiful hues of turquoise, gold, sea green, salmon, pink, violet, navy blue and all hues in between. At the center is a round faceted all-natural earth-mined rhodolite garnet.

The bail is covered in more white diamonds, and there are diamonds decorating the prongs holding the abalone hearts in place.

The total abalone carat weight is 7.20ct, the rhodolite weighs .30ct, and there is more than half a carat - 51 points - of diamonds.

The enhancer measures 1.25" tall x .75" wide and weighs 5.5 grams (not including the chain which adds another 1.4 grams). The chain is 18K pink gold and has a wearable length of 16".